Malappuram is bounded by the Nilgiris hills on the East and the Arabian Sea on the west. District of Malappuram is literally the land atop the hills, is remarkable for its unique natural beauty. Perched among the undulating hills and the meandering rivers that flow to reach the coconut-fringed seacoast, the land conceals a unique and eventful history. Home to the khilafath movement and the mappila revolts, which questioned the British authority in India, Malappuram was the military headquarters of the Zamorins of Kozhikode since ancient times.

The hill country also contributed much to the cultural artistic traditions of the state. The mosques and temples of the land are known for their spectacular festivals. The land of great poets and writers, political and religious leaders, the district has carved a unique place of its own in the history of Kerala.

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Emerald Silent Valley
Emerald Silent Valley

The panoramic view of Silent Valley Hills area, but cynosure for a connoisseurs eyes. Silent Valley Resort......

NC Gardens & Beach Resort

NC Gardens & Beach Resort is nestled in a small cove on the Malabar coast of Kerala .....

Honeymoon Package
7 Days Honeymoon Package

Relish the mist covered hill tops and beautiful walks that the valley has on offer.....

Misty Backwater Package
Misty Backwater Package

Walk around in the hills and misty forests of Munnar or spend your vacation

About Malappuram

It has in store, a hoary past with Zamorin's rule, Mamankam festival, Vellattiri’s revenge and the resultant Chaver Pada (suicidal squad), the British rule and indiscriminate oppression of the masses in connivance with exploiting landlords, the National and the Khilafat movement, the Malabar rebellion and the such.

The land of great poets and writers, political and religious leaders, this district has carved a place of it’s own in the history of Kerala. The Kings of Valluvanad, the Zamorins, the Kings of Perumpadappu Swarupam and the Kings of Vettathunadu, were the early rulers. The Portuguese, Mysore sultans and the Britishers had their sway over this place, partly or wholly. But the unique social and cultural heritage is preserved.